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"Druid talent ideas 2"
Made by Opal based on Liss


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Feline Swiftness
Displacer Beast
Wild Charge
Nature's Swiftness
Cenarion Ward
Disorienting Roar
Ursol's Vortex
Mighty Bash
Turning of Seasons
Heart of the Wild
Dream of Cenarius
Nature's Vigil
Force of Nature
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From longWriter:
I'm not sure Savagery is really as good as Incarnation or Force of Nature are.

Solstice doesn't quite look powerful enough to merit a 6-minute cooldown, and duration might not be the best way to handle it. I'd like to add that buffing HoTs and DoTs in particular makes haste a really valuable stat---that's not a bad thing, but it's worth considering.

Still, pretty creative.

P.S.: please bump my thread---it needs some love!
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