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"default druid talent grid"
Made by Sabnock


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Feline Swiftness
Symbiotic Haste
Wild Charge
Nature's Swiftness
Malorne's Portal
Soul of the Forest
Dream of Cenarius
Heart of the Wild
Displacer Beast
Disorienting Roar
Ursol's Vortex
Force of Nature
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Thread for discussing this talent grid:

-Tier 1: Movement

Symbiotic Haste: it's a mobility tier, so I think is good an ability that it is not only on self.

- Tier 2: Nature

Malorne's Portal: it is my version of lightwell but to active it, you have also to pass through it. I think that it could be very handfull both in pvp and pve.

- Tier 3: Hybridization

Dream of Cenarius: I don't like it very much, so it is a placeholder (in which I've buffed the effect from 30% to 45%)

Overgrowth: as dps you heal a bit and as healer you do a little amount of damage.

- Tier 4: Survival

Displacer Beast: I've restore the cloak of shadow component.

Heart of the Wild: You also have access to the skills, so you may want take this talent to switch bear and use this skill to survive or simply to give and hand to the raid in a different role.

Cocoon: basically our version of iceblock.

- Tier 4: CC

Typhoon: it does a bit of damage and healing in the cone.

- Tier 6:

Incarnation: The idea it's like the one on the beta, it will change you in a powerful version, it is not a flat 15% increase dmg and healing, I wrote it only to save space.

Archdruidism: our version of Bestial Wrath, good for the damage increase and the fear immunity (dispellable as enrage) theat can be usefull in both pve and pvp environment.

Force of Nature: 2 min cd.

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